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What is continuous improvement?

Momentum Employer Group provides progressive, measurable human resource solutions that provide the businesses we serve a greater competitive advantage. One way we accomplish this is through following a tried and true continuous improvement model.

Continuous improvement is the process of identifying opportunities to enhance processes, products or services—and often takes the form of either incremental or breakthrough changes. Incremental changes are smaller and occur over time—think ‘baby steps’ —and breakthrough changes are larger and happen all at once. While the situation and objective determine what type of change is optimal, the basic continuous improvement model never changes.

Continuous improvement isn’t only a process for Momentum Employer Group, it’s a way of life. We relentlessly seek opportunities to provide competitive advantages to the businesses we serve through optimizing every process in which we are involved, from new employee training to human capital planning.

The continuous improvement model

While different organizations and industries have developed variations of the model (you may have heard of Six Sigma, Kaizen, or Total Quality Management), the basic principles and four pillars of continuous improvement are always the same: Plan, Do, Check and Act.


The first step is to identify the opportunity for improvement. It sounds easy enough, but this crucial step is often neglected. Momentum Employer Group understands the critical nature of recognizing the problem and identifying solutions. Imagine completing the remaining steps—Do, Check, Act—without a clear view of the target. Can you say wasted time?

The planning step is where Momentum Employer Group truly excels. After properly identifying the improvement opportunity, a hypothesis is developed with actions that can be taken to achieve the desired outcome. It is then time for implementation.


Implementing a change can be the hardest step. But completing this step carefully can pay off. For instance, it’s best to test a hypothesis on a small scale, especially for breakthrough changes—which can be costly and disruptive to implement. That’s not to say incremental changes should be taken lightly. In some cases, a carefully tested incremental change can yield the greatest results. Whether incremental or breakthrough, Momentum Employer Group strives for effective improvement on every scale.


An opportunity for improvement was identified and a hypothesis developed and tested. Now is the time to measure the effectiveness of the effort: Did the hypothesis hold true? Has improvement been achieved? What are the measurable results? We understand effective improvement and change can’t be accomplished through guesswork.


Now it’s time to act on what has been learned from the continuous improvement process. It goes without saying: If the solution has proven successful through careful measurement, Momentum Employer Group is able to help effectively implement the plan.

An On-going Process

Momentum Employer Group understands the process of continuous improvement is never done. Rather, it’s an iterative process, common, frequent and unrelenting. It’s just one way Momentum Employer Group successfully provides progressive, measurable human resource solutions that give our customers that competitive advantage.

From strategic planning to process improvement, Momentum Employer Group thrives on seeking opportunities to enhance our clients’ processes through innovative and complete human resource management.