Performance Management

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Performance management is an evaluative workplace practice that every employer should implement on a continued basis for every employee. This isn’t the typical yearly performance review, but rather an ongoing conversational effort between employer and employee that encourages an optimal fulfillment of responsibilities and workplace attitude. It is also an effective method of measuring progress and to verify that progress is moving in the desired direction for the company.



Make Performance Management a Priority for These Reasons:

Accountability is of high value for all parties within an organization and helps to maintain a more productive work environment. When performance management is an active conversation throughout the entire year, hopefully, the employee’s level of accountability will increase.

Communication efforts can drastically improve with a consistent performance management narrative. Job duties, expectations and concerns can be regularly addressed, thus reducing stress levels and confusion that may otherwise impede workflow and performance.

Expressing Appreciation is a powerful practice that cannot be overstated. When performance management conversations are a regular, integral part of the workplace, the opportunity to offer appreciation usually presents itself. Those who are consistently reminded of their value within a company will often seek more challenging goals and aim to achieve higher levels of performance.

Evaluating Progress isn’t something that should be done only once or twice a year. Using regular performance management tactics to measure progress along the way is considerably more productive than a final review at the end of a milestone. Put more plainly—there is no point in driving all the way to a destination, only to then pull out the map and discover what may have been a more efficient route. Studying the map along the way and knowing of the potholes and roadblocks will undoubtedly save time, effort and costs.

Keeping Company Goals in Sync

When performance management is at the forefront of company practices, it is easier to establish expectations for employees, including how they should conduct themselves within the office team or during client interactions. Such expectations are certainly of great importance to the overall success and culture of the company.

Communicating these core values in your ongoing performance management efforts allows employees to better serve the purpose of the company. This also gives them an opportunity to reevaluate any behaviors that are inconsistent with company goals. When an organization runs in sync as a cohesive team, it is sure to gain momentum moving forward.

Why Choose Momentum Employer Group?

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We believe that effective performance management strategies are a fundamental cornerstone to progress and growth. Let us bring your company to the next level with the implementation of valuable performance management practices. Contact us today!