Momentum Service is enabled by the Momentum HR Cloud. The Momentum HR Cloud is 100% web based, easy to use, complete HR software that couples with expert HR service, all designed to simplify HR and let you focus on your growth. It provides simplified and streamlined HR support to you and your employees.

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How will you utilize the Momentum HR Cloud:


Your employees will use the employee self-service website that is optimized for smartphones, tablets and of course, desktops and laptops, to view HR data, get paystubs, submit requests for time off and more. It’s modern, fast and easy, so your team can get the info they need quickly and then get back to work! Plus, the self-service website experience can be branded with your logo and colors scheme.



Your managers can login to a supervisor-specific version of the HR Cloud to be able to view data on their employees, access reports, and complete other tasks.


At a high level, what does the Momentum HR Cloud do for your business?
It enables Momentum to provide you with world-class payroll, benefits, HR, hiring and more, combined with our expert HR services and partnership.
What’s unique about the Momentum HR Cloud?
The Momentum HR Cloud delivers a complete solution for HR not just a point product.
The Momentum HR Cloud covers the entire spectrum of HR (Hire to Retire), and enables us to grow with you and support your business with scalable services. We can support your business today, and tomorrow.
The Momentum HR Cloud provides knowledge and insight.
With it, we can help you understand your human resources better than ever. From reporting to payroll and benefits, the system is integrated, and provides visibility into HR data in ways never before possible.
The Momentum HR Cloud enables us to provide you with greater service than any other technology.
Ultimately, the difference isn’t just with the technology, but the combination the technology and Momentum Service together. It reduces complexity, and enables us to provide service to you in an efficient and seamless manner.
The Momentum HR Cloud is enabled by software that:


Is currently used by more than 58,000 other small and medium sized businesses.


Provides HR for more than 1.35 Million worksite employees.


Handles more than $39 Billion in payroll annually.
Infrastructure and Security

private cloud

The Momentum HR Cloud infrastructure is hosted in a private, secure cloud. All of our client data is private too – it’s never intermingled with data from other HR providers. Your payroll, benefits and HR data, is safe and secure.

The system is fully scalable and delivers built-in disaster recovery. If something happens in one data center, we are up and running as quickly as possible.

Momentum HR Cloud Modules

Efficient and reliable, it provides flexibility and alternatives not available in other systems.

Benefits Administration and ACA Compliance

What it does: We have the flexibility to customize benefit programs to your unique requirements, dramatically reduce paperwork, and increase compliance. Plus, with calculations and reporting that specifically address Affordable Care Act requirements, Momentum supports you with the business intelligence you need for constantly changing healthcare regulations.

How it helps: Benefits continue to become more complex. You need flexibility to stay competitive, and compliance to reduce your risk. No one likes paperwork, and Momentum Benefits Administration dramatically reduces paperwork and overhead. In addition, you get the accuracy you need and the ability to adjust your benefits over time. And with Affordable Care Act reporting, you can be assured that you are in compliance.


What it does: Easily post jobs to the internet as well as leading job boards and social networks, including: Indeed, Simply Hired, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Twitter and Facebook. Prospective employees can apply to jobs online and we can automate and facilitate the interview and hiring process. Data from placed candidates automatically converts to a new hire record, streamlining on-boarding, payroll and benefits.

How it helps: Reduce the time it takes to hire a candidate by 30% or more with online job posting. By spreading the word to all the places that candidates are looking for a job, you can find the best possible employees. Extend your brand to your candidates and make their hiring and on-boarding process a breeze.


What it does: Easily capture employee demographic information, federal, state and local tax filing forms, and client-specific forms. With a welcome-aboard message center, company policy/handbook acknowledgement and electronic signature functionality, new hires can get started fast and you get complete, accurate records and data.

How it helps: New employees have an easy to use online tool to get started quickly and get setup for payroll and more. As a business owner or leader, you get to collect all the data you need to bring your new hire on board, and that data will make its way into payroll and other applications.


What it does: Provides new hires and employees with a web based, easy to use way to sign up for benefits at the start of their employment or during open enrollment. Momentum can help you streamline the employee benefits enrollment process with customized workflow and tracking.

How it helps: Momentum makes it easy for your new employees to get access to benefits quickly, without the overhead a frustration of countless paper forms.

Employee and Manager Self Service

What it does: With Momentum, your employees get easy access to HR data and tasks, anywhere, anytime, and from any device. The Self Service experience is built with a mobile-first approach, responding and adapting to any device. And your managers get access to reports, and can act on timecards and time off requests. Plus, with customizable security, individuals only have access to what they should see – and nothing they shouldn’t.

How it helps: With easy access from anywhere, and a clean, modern user experience, your employees can find and use the HR and payroll information they need when they need it. Your managers can get access to their own user experience and view reports to gain insight and perform personnel related tasks.