What Types of HR Functions are Generally Outsourced?

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Human resource management is never easy. There’s hiring, onboarding, training, workforce management, human capital planning, employment laws, employee termination (ugh) . . . and the list goes on. It never hurts to get some extra help managing and optimizing your company’s greatest assets by outsourcing its human resource needs.

Bringing in outside help can, for some small- to mid-sized businesses, be an effective way of saving costs on a full-time HR staff. And it can be a boon to any company, regardless of how much or how little help is required. Plus, an outsourcing agreement can be as short- or long-term as needed.

What HR responsibilities are most commonly outsourced, you ask? Here are some of the most sought-after services.

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New Employee Onboarding and Training

Onboarding and training new employees is, indeed, a lot of work. Without the right personnel to get new employees hired and trained for tasks to be completed, you can quickly end up behind schedule—and the competition. Bringing on an experienced, skilled and professional HR team to help in this process helps keep everyone on pace with your company’s expectations.

Performance Management

Performance management is the way of the future for optimizing the fulfillment of employee responsibilities and workplace attitudes. Gone are the days of awkward quarterly or yearly performance reviews in the manager’s office. Instead, performance management opens the door to a consistent, constructive, positive feedback loop between peers and up to superiors.

Hiring an experienced team to implement and manage a performance management solution ensures employees have the tools to consistently complete the work, and achieve both professional and personal goals. Consistent communication helps define and align the strengths of each employee with work responsibilities and requirements. Momentum Employer Group is focused on helping companies achieve their objectives through proven performance management solutions.

Terminating Employees

Along with hiring, onboarding, training and evaluating employees, outsourced HR personnel can help terminate employees that are no longer performing at expected levels, or who have violated company policies. Needless to say, this is never an easy thing for any employer to do. And sometimes it is easier to have someone with less emotional ties to your company or the employee perform the termination.

Like an unflappable lawyer in court, outsourced HR professionals are able to be completely professional and objective about the termination process. They help make sure the correct steps are followed during the discipline process, and that the required documentation is in place.

Many More HR Functions

In addition to the above commonly outsourced functions, most contracted HR professionals are trained and experienced in other human capital functions. For example, Momentum Employer Group can help you write a clearly defined employee handbook, train employees on that handbook, form quality work relationships with your employees, create a desirable rewards and benefits system and more. Contact us today to see all the ways in which we can help accelerate your business.