Why Momentum

Momentum Employer Group defines “service” as more than having someone available to talk over the phone and respond politely to your concerns. At Momentum, service is a fully comprehensive solution. We strive to offer a full top to bottom solution and supply all the benefits and services that you would expect from a fully capable and professional internal HR staff.

Momentum is dedicated to overseeing the care of all of our clients HR needs including filling out forms, verifying data and working with new hires to get them 100% on-boarded so that you can focus on what’s most important — running your business.

We’ve outlined a few of our key offerings below. To learn more about PrismHR, our robust total management software system:

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At Momentum, we take the mantra of “Accelerating Business, Simplifying Life” very seriously. Ultimately, our goal is to make your life easier.

Momentum has invested in industry leading technology and has the best tools and processes available to help your company maximize efficiency and minimize the headaches and frustrations of wasted time.

Momentum also differentiates itself in its approach to cost containment, performance management and human capital planning methods. Instead of waiting for our clients to call us with a concern, we proactively monitor a dashboard of metrics on behalf of our clients and regularly review risks and opportunities with them.

Key Elements of the Momentum Difference
Talent Acquisition

Momentum You
Create a job description Approve the job description
Post position on job boards
Screen resumes
Phone screen potential candidates
Schedule interviews for top 3-5 candidates Interview candidates and select new
Create job offer Approve offer
Extend and negotiate offer Approve any adjustments
Background check and drug testing
New hire paperwork and onboarding Confirm I9 identifications
New hire orientation Receive newly orientated employee

Cost Containment

Example 1

Health benefits are costly, and continue to rise year after year. To help offset this costly trend, our approach to cost containment is two-fold:

Momentum utilizes innovative plan design, employer contribution structure and market data to attain the maximum benefit values available for your company.
Momentum takes full advantage of industry-leading tools to help your company’s employees minimize the cost of utilization.
Example 2

Having Workers Compensation insurance is a basic business requirement. Just as our approach to cost containment is two-fold, so too is our approach to Workers Compensation.

We implement client-specific behavioral based safety programs to focus on incident prevention. These programs are scaled and customized to your type of business – whether that is manufacturing, professional services, food services, skilled trades, etc.
If an accident does occur, Momentum is responsible for aggressively managing the claim. Management of the claim involves helping an injured employee return to work quickly and continuously working with the workers comp insurance claims adjusters to ensure your company’s claims are a top priority and managed effectively.

Performance Management

Momentum Employer Group leadership has extensive, hands-on experience in the day-to-day management of human resources planning and operations. Over the years, our team has also culled through hundreds of leadership books, seminars and training courses. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Momentum has implemented state-of-the-art Performance Management Systems and mentored dozens of leaders, managers, supervisors and employees in all types and sizes of businesses. With Momentum’s help, you will be able to maximize employee engagement and performance. Ultimately, we help your business to differentiate from the competition and achieve greater success.

Human Capital Planning

Human Capital Planning involves strategic talent acquisition, staffing planning, development and retention of new and current employees. Momentum’s goal is to ensure you have a human capital strategy that supports your growth objectives and supplies your company with talented, capable and engaged people.

Successful companies wholeheartedly embrace human capital planning as a key component of their business strategy. As your company’s HR partner, Momentum will help ensure your organization has a market leading human capital strategy.