Benefits Administration Services

At Momentum Employer Group, we’re dedicated to providing full-service, benefits administration services, so you can focus on what’s most important: running your business. From health insurance to human resources and payroll administration, we maximize value to our clients through consultation, benefits administration services, technology integration and innovative plan design that helps attract and retain top talent to your company. These progressive, measurable human resource (HR) services, tools and solutions are designed to help your business gain a greater competitive advantage.

Our Benefits Admin Services Include:
Benefits Enrollment

Eliminate the stress of benefits enrollment for all your employees by making it easy to manage medical, dental and life insurance, retirement benefits, life events, adding dependents and more. As an experienced benefits advisor, we help employers choose the best benefits packages to fit the current and changing needs of their businesses—large or small. Momentum Employer Group can simplify the complicated forms, conflicting information and enrollment terms that often cause confusion and frustration for both employees and employers.

Billing Management

The responsibility to track, maintain and distribute employee premiums to separate benefits providers can be fraught with rules and red tape. Momentum Employer Group can help you navigate the maze of requirements and the inherent complexities that come with benefits administration services.

Insurance Plan Consultation and Administration

How do you ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act? Do you have the time to stay current on the constantly-changing, government-mandated, insurance regulations and rules? As a highly-trusted benefits advisor, we have helped both small and mid-sized businesses to larger companies navigate the often complicated and confusing network of healthcare options.

Flexible, Innovative Solutions

When it comes to benefits, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Momentum Employer Group offers a full suite of options, tools and solutions that can be customized your business with measurable results. As your company’s HR partner, we ensure a benefits strategy that supports growth objectives and helps attract and retain talented, capable and engaged people. We put our strategic expertise to good use by creating and managing a full spectrum of employee benefits and HR functions that are both simplified and cost effective.

Our Core Values

Continual improvement, trustworthiness, professionalism, simplicity and discipline––our core values are at the heart of everything we do. We lean into these values as we work to simplify the complicated web of benefits administration and provide solutions to benefit your business and employees. Momentum Employer Group defines “service” as more than having someone available to talk over the phone and respond politely to your concerns. Instead, we offer top-to-bottom solutions and supply all the benefits and services that you would expect from a fully capable and professional internal HR staff.

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Join the growing network of companies leveraging Momentum Employer Group’s expertise as part of your benefits administration strategy. Whether your business is in need of full-scale, benefits administration services or just a little extra support, we can help. Contact Momentum Employer Group today.

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