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Momentum Employer Group focuses on the value that having a great HR partner brings. This focus sets Momentum apart and can be a great tool to help companies accelerate their business. Momentum is dedicated to hiring only the best and most capable certified Human Resource Professionals to personally support your company. See below for key elements of our outsourced HR services.

Key Elements of the Momentum Difference
Talent Acquisition & Retention

From sourcing to recruiting, hiring, onboarding, orientation and retention, Momentum Employer Group develops and implements a strategy and system for talent acquisition—then we’re sure to be there to measure its success. See the table below to learn more about how we work hand in hand with our clients to help them recruit and onboard top talent.

Momentum You
Create a job description Approve the job description
Post position on job boards
Screen resumes
Phone screen potential candidates
Schedule interviews for top 3-5 candidates Interview candidates and select new
Create job offer Approve offer
Extend and negotiate offer Approve any adjustments
Background check and drug testing
New hire paperwork and onboarding Confirm I9 identifications
New hire orientation Receive newly orientated employee

Employee Engagement

This isn’t fluff. Employee engagement is about employee performance and is vital to a healthy and growing business. We evaluate the employer-employee relationship, and then help you develop effective strategies to address appropriate expectations for performance and behavior from employees at all levels.

Learning & Development

Momentum identifies and creates learning opportunities that increase employee capability and organizational knowledge.

Total Rewards

Total rewards include the benefits you decide to offer your employees in addition to compensation. Momentum will help you design and then administer a unique program to support your recruitment and employee retention. (E.g., base pay, benefits, incentive pay, PTO, perks, retirement, etc.)

Organizational Effectiveness & Development

Momentum will ensure alignment between your company vision, mission, and goals with day-to-day operational activities. This includes organizational design, development, and performance measures and standards.

Workforce Management

Momentum will help your company achieve financial and operational objectives through data-driven processes such as workforce and succession planning.

Employee Relations

While it’s important that employees are happy, employee relations involves more than that. Momentum will help ensure that your organization has a correlated framework, mindset, and practices to enrich your relationship with employees and resolve potential issues when they inevitably arise.

New Employee Training

Coming Soon…

Employment Law & Regulations

Momentum will ensure your company knows what it takes to be legally compliant.

Human Capital Planning*

Human capital planning involves strategic talent acquisition, staffing planning, development and retention of new and current employees. Momentum Employer Group ensures you have a human capital strategy that supports your growth objectives and supplies your company with talented, capable and engaged people.

Successful companies wholeheartedly embrace human capital planning as a key component of their business strategy. As you company’s HR business partner, Momentum Employer Group helps ensure your organization has a market-leading human capital strategy. Having an effective people strategy helps your business stand out and execute its priorities better than your competition.

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is more than a legal agreement between you and your employees. An employee handbook is an effective tool to ensure consistent application of your company policies and procedures. It can help strengthen a culture of fairness and equity by providing the framework for discipline, benefits and expectations.

Performance Management*

Performance management is an evaluative workplace practice that every employer should implement on a continued basis for every employee. It isn’t the typical yearly performance review you may be acquainted with, but rather an ongoing conversational effort between employer and employee that encourages an optimal fulfillment of responsibilities and workplace attitude.

Momentum Employer Group implements state-of-the-art performance management systems. We have mentored dozens of leaders, managers, supervisors and employees in all types and sizes of businesses. With our help, you will be able to maximize employee engagement and performance.

We provide world-class, best-practice performance management tools to help you create the high-performing and engaged culture you desire.

Termination Assistance

In the unfortunate event of employee termination, Momentum will assist in making sure your company’s discipline processes follow the required steps and that your company has the required documentation to mitigate your loss.

*Key differentiators for Momentum Employer Group that set us apart from our competition.

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