New Employee Training

As most business owners can attest, time can be a formidable enemy when it comes to employee onboarding.

Let’s face it, the period immediately following your employees’ hiring is critical. With the right orientation tools and training package, an employer can encourage a favorable impression on the newly hired, positively influencing their future with the company.

These efforts ultimately result in a well-adjusted and productive new, transitioning or promoted employee. Businesses whose employees have strong bonds with their positions enjoy more stability, flexibility and adaptability.

When it comes to new employee training, there are some key components that Momentum Employer Group considers, such as avoiding “knowledge overload” by focusing on what your employees need to know in order to best satisfy their particular responsibilities. We keep them engaged by providing practical training in ways that capture their interests, allowing for the easy retention of information.

We inform trainees of your company’s purpose and values, as well as its culture. We do this in the midst of immersing your new employees in a comprehensive and centralized orientation program that encompasses far more than filling out the standard HR forms. Our program encourages new recruit participation and a commitment to comply with the organization’s rules and regulations, as well as clarification on the penalties for failure to do so.