Organizational Effectiveness & Development

What do most successful businesses have in common? Satisfied, able and efficient employees. Organizational effectiveness and development is a structured approach to drive efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Through strategic intervention, this process cultivates performance-driven behavior of employees, teams, operations, technology and the organizational structure as a whole. As strategic goals cascade through the organization, the challenge HR faces is how to implement and manage change to ensure systems, staff and processes align.

Momentum Employer Group implements a full-service, comprehensive organizational effectiveness and development solution. We can help to unify overarching business objectives across the organization by identifying business needs. Then, we develop a comprehensive plan that’s focused on effectiveness, structure, performance, productivity and staff development.

We implement a value-driven organizational effectiveness and development model to analyze the gap between the current state and that desired, sometimes-hard-to-see future state. Then, we design a solution based on business objectives, agree on measures to validate deliverables, develop and execute an intervention and evaluate the processes’ success by comparing outcomes to objectives.