Total Rewards Program

What are total rewards? They are, collectively, the benefits offered employees in addition to regular compensation. Momentum Employer Group assists in the design of a program that is uniquely suited to your business and your employees. After all, a comprehensive benefit package is an advantageous tool when it comes to employee recruitment and retention efforts.

Total Rewards Program

Photo by Te Lensfix from Pexels

Good pay and benefits are the natural reward for the hard work and loyalty of employees. These rewards come in many forms, such as paid time off, base pay, incentive pay, healthcare, perks and retirement benefits or pensions. Employers that provide a favorable package are more likely to be rewarded themselves with high morale and employee commitment.

We know that not all organizations are the same and we work with you to help create a competitive package in an era of global economic development. The packages we design are sure to keep your company competitive in the battle for obtaining and keeping capable, responsible and top talent.

Our program addresses the four classifications of total rewards. These include: compensation, including base and incentive pay; benefits, including healthcare and retirement; and paid time off.

In addition, we encourage individual growth by promoting career development and opportunities for advancement, as well as training and development and performance support.

Finally, we focus on the leadership and culture of the business itself. We support a work/life balance and overall employee satisfaction.